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Instructor Course

Flight instruction is an incredibly awarding career. Many of our graduates come to work for us after their training, and others come to work for us from all over the world because of how we teach, what we teach, and the aviation family we offer.

A person who holds a flight instructor certificate (called a “certificated flight instructor” or CFI) is authorized to give training and endorsements required for and relating to; students, private, commercial or other pilot certificate; three hours of training with reference only to instruments in preparation for a private pilot certificate.

An instrument rating, only if the CFI has an instrument instructor rating (CFII); This cannot be given by a “safety pilot”. A safety pilot can only be used to help maintain instrument proficiency with an instrument-rated pilot by flying the required six instrument approaches-holding-intercepting and tracking courses, within the preceding six calendar months.

A flight instructor certificate is only given if the experience requirements have been met (detailed below);

A flight review

An endorsement (previously called BFR -currently referred to as flight review see 14 CFR part 61.56)

OR recency of experience requirement

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