Liberty University School of Aeronautics – Affiliate

Trident Flight Training is an affiliate of the Liberty University School of Aeronautics.

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  • Our VA approved courses are:
    • *Instrument
    • *Commercial Single Engine Land
    • *Additional Category or Class
    • *Multi Engine
    • *CFI
    • *CFI Instrument
    • *Multi Engine Instructor

Also Available:

  • MILITARY AND VETERANS BENEFITS Liberty University is proud to serve the men and women of the U.S. military and offers the following benefits:
  • College Credit for Military Training
  • GI BillĀ®/Veterans Affairs Benefits
  • Military Scholarships
  • Tuition Assistance For more information, visit
  • YELLOW RIBBON PROGRAM: Liberty University is a partner in the Yellow Ribbon program, which allows eligible students to continue their studies once their annual GI BillĀ® funding has been exceeded