International Pilots

M-1 Visa Training

International Pilot Training School

Private Pilot to Commercial Multi Engine Pilot Program.
Private Pilot to Commercial Single Engine Pilot Program.
Individual Courses: Instrument Rating, Commercial Multi Engine, Commercial Single Engine, CFI, CFII, MEI

These programs are for students that aren’t interested in becoming a Flight Instructor; who only need a Commercial License and minimum hours logged according to their Civil Aviation Authority, or are only interested in a Private Pilot License or individual Courses. Regarding housing, meals and transportation please contact for rates and availability.  

M-1 Visa Training


• Private Pilot (PPL)
• Instrument Rating
• Commercial Multi Engine
• Time Building (TB)

Total Logged Time 190
Single Engine Flight Hours 130
Multi Engine Flight Hours 30
Total Flight Time Time 160
Estimated Duration 6-8 Months

We Train Students to Qualify for Airline Pilot Careers

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